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8 bachelors

5 masters

Lisbon School of Education

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Lisbon School of Education (ESELx), located at Campus IPL - Benfica, was created in 1985. ESELx is an institution of higher level training of teachers, pre-school teachers and other educational staff with a great cultural, scientific, technical and professional preparation in the different fields of knowledge inherent to education. Until Bologna Process in 2006, ESELx offered only training courses for teachers and pre-school teachers. Since then the offer has extended to other courses, also relating to education - Socio-Cultural, Music and Visual Arts. All courses at ESELx have a strong component of professional training and some are even professionalizing, giving a professional qualification recognized by the Ministry of Education.
 ESELx also offers a wide range of skills and service training courses.

Bachelor's Degrees

  • Visual Arts and Technologies
  • ESELx building

Lisbon School of Music


Lisbon School of Music (ESML) is located at the IPL Campus, in Benfica. ESML is increasingly becoming a school reference in the national music scenes, both for its origins as for the international high quality teachers. ESML has excellent facilities and equipment, adjusted to the requirements of each course, which is essential in the pursuit of its mission: to promote a quality teaching / learning environment, in a perspective of lifelong learning, encouraging students to reach their personal, artistic, scientific, technical and cultural maximum development.

Bachelor's Degrees

  • Music

Composition, Conducting and Music Education option
Choral Conducting and Music Education; Composition; Wind and Orchestra Conducting

Bowed Instruments; Wind and Percussion; Early Music; Organ; Piano; Plucked Strings; Voice


  • Technologies of Music

Master's Degrees

  • Music
  • Music Teaching
  • ESML building

Theatre and Film School

The Lisbon Theatre and Film School (ESTC) of Lisboa Polytechnic Institute succeeded the National Conservatoire (Conservatório Nacional), founded by Almeida Garrett, in 1836. It's a public institution of higher education created in Lisbon, but now located in Amadora. ESTC's main goal is formation of highly qualified professionals, technically and artistically, in Theatre and Cinema. The School has adjusted its educational provision to the Bologne Process, offering first and second level Degrees (Graduation and Master); has created a research center that is developing projects in partnership with a similar center at the University of Algarve; it participates in educational development programmes at local level; and annually organizes and produces in its own facilities, as well as theaters, museums, cinemas and other spaces, several public performances of plays and films made by students.

Bachelor's Degrees

  • Theatre

Branches: Acting; Production and Management; Set and Costume Design

  • Cinema

Branches: Cinematography; Direction; Editing; Production; Screenwriting; Sound

Master's Degrees

  • Theatre

Specialization: Direction; Performing Arts;Production and Management; Set and Costume Design; Theatre and Community

  • Cinema Project Development

Specialization: Film Narratives; Dramaturgy
and Direction; Post - Production Technologies
Interart Studies and Intermedial Practice

  • ESTC

School of Dance

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Lisbon School of Dance (ESD) is located at the historical center of Lisbon in former Marquês de Pombal palace. Their course in Dance offers practical training with the objective of develop the technical, creative and performing capacities of its students, while encouraging autonomy, team work and responsibility in the development of artistic productions. It also aims to stimulate reflection and contextualization of artistic practice, based on the development of pedagogical sensitivity and the ability to interact positively in the community.

Bachelor's Degrees

  • Dance

Master's Degrees

  • Dance Instruction
  • ESD building