Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa


3 bachelors

13 masters

Lisbon School of Education

Escola Superior de Educação de Lisboa

Lisbon School of Education (ESELx), located at Campus IPL - Benfica, was created in 1985. ESELx is an institution of higher level training of teachers, pre-school teachers and other educational staff with a great cultural, scientific, technical and professional preparation in the different fields of knowledge inherent to education. Until Bologna Process in 2006, ESELx offered only training courses for teachers and pre-school teachers. Since then the offer has extended to other courses, also relating to education - Socio-Cultural, Music and Visual Arts. All courses at ESELx have a strong component of professional training and some are even professionalizing, giving a professional qualification recognized by the Ministry of Education.
 ESELx also offers a wide range of skills and service training courses.

Bachelor's Degrees

  • Basic Education
  • Community Music
  • Socio-cultural Community Development
  • Visual Arts and Technologies

Master's Degrees

  • Artistic Education
  • Didactics of Portuguese in the 1st /2nd Cycles of Basic Education
  • Zero to Three - Early Intervention
  • Integrated Didactics of Portuguese Language, Mathematics, Natural and Social Sciences
  • Mathematics Teaching in Pre-School Education and 1st/2nd Cycles of Basic Education
  • Teaching in the 1st Cycle of Basic Education and Maths and Science in the 2nd Cycle of Basic Education
  • Teaching in the 1st Cycle of Basic Education and Portuguese and History and Geography of Portugal in the 2nd Cycle of Basic Education
  • Pre-School Education
  • School Administration
  • Social Education and Community Intervention
  • Special Educational Needs
  • Supervision in Education
  • Music Teaching in Basic Education
  • ESELx building