Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa

Institutional Information

Located in the metropolitan area of Lisbon and composed of eight schools of higher education, IPL- Politécnico de Lisboa is a public institution with a long history in the field of higher education.

IPL is composed of the following schools:

  • School of Communication and Media Studies;
  • School of Dance;
  • Lisbon School of Education;
  • Lisbon School of Music;
  • Lisbon Theatre and Film School;
  • Lisbon School of Health Technology;
  • Lisbon Accounting and Business School;
  • Lisbon Engineering School.

PL provides Undergraduate, Masters, Postgraduate and Doc-toral programs (in partnership with universities); it offers a di-versified range of courses in Arts, Business Sciences, Health Sciences, Communication, Education and Engineering.

IPL’s primary objective has always been to provide aca-demic instruction for employability and for continued professional development, founded on a secure  knowledge of science, arts and culture.

Our Institution contributes to national development by  educating professionals whose abilities and value as emplo-yees have been nationally and internationally recognized.

IPL provides education that develops the whole person by promoting citizenship and encouraging the active participa-tion of our students in their institution and in their community.

We are committed to strengthening international relationships, especially with our partners in the European Union and in Portuguese - speaking countries.
IPL- Politécnico de Lisboa promotes the following institutional values:

1.    academic excellence;
2.    excellence in research and development;
3.    openness and engagement with society;
4.    social commitment;
5.    a merit-based culture;
6.    strengthening international ties through cooperation and scientific exchange with European and Portuguese-speaking countries

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