Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa

COVID-19: Procedures


15 January 2021


Considering the increase in the number of countries with cases of OVID 19, as well as the number of cases in each country, Politécnico de Lisboa defined measures concerning travel abroad to areas with active community transmission.

Thus, the contingency measures in IPL Community are:
  • Traveling abroad is not allowed in the context of work.
  • It is sensitized for the non-realization of private trips abroad by students and teaching and non-teaching staff at IPL.
  • The president / director of each School defines the need to comply with a period of social isolation (the duration of which is stipulated in 14 days) for students and teaching and non-teaching staff, returned from abroad, before resuming activity in their School
  • Distance academic activities (e.g. moodle, videoconference) should be facilitated for students / teachers who return from areas with active community transmission1 of SARS-CoV-2 and who are in social isolation.
  • Alternative forms of work should be promoted, namely through the use of teleworking, video meetings and conference calls.
  • Events that are not of a curricular nature and require a large number of people should be postponed or canceled.
We take this opportunity to remember the importance of hand hygiene, avoiding direct contact with someone who has symptoms such as fever and cough, and adopting respiratory practices. These are behaviors that will help to prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection.

In case of need for additional information, you can contact Politécnico de Lisboa´s Occupational Health Service by email

As part of the measures facing a suspected case of infection:

  • Please use Saúde 24 line (+351 808 24 24 24) as first contact with the National Health Service (NHS);
  • We´ve an “isolation” area where suspected cases will establish contact with the NHS and await an eventual transport from INEM, in order to prevent other people from being exposed and infected;
  • We´ve defined specificities, materials and equipment needed in the area of "isolation", as well as procedures to be adopted after its use;
  • We´ve defined procedures to articulate with the health authorities in case of confirmation of any suspected case;

Criteria for classification as a suspected case of infection

Clinical criteria


Epidemiological Criteria
Acute respiratory infection (fever or cough or difficulty breathing) requiring or not hospitalization Travel history to areas with active community transmission in the 14 days before symptoms

Contact with confirmed or probable case of infection by COVID-19, 14 days before the start of the systems

Health professional or person who has been in a health institution where patients with COVID-19 are treated
A case is considered suspicious if the person checks both clinical criteria and one of the epidemiological criteria.