Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa

International Seminar: October 26th – 28th


26 October 2020


This International Seminar, in Lisbon, is one of the three international seminars provided within the project DISCO - Embedding a Democratic Culture Dimension in Teacher Education Programmes (EDCD-TEP). The aim of this project is to design a framework to embed the Competences for Democratic Culture in Primary Teacher Education Programmes in partner countries (Spain, Portugal, and United Kingdom) and overall Europe.

For this first International Seminar, in Lisbon, we intend to promote knowledge exchange between EDCD-TEP Project partners on how the democratic culture dimension is deeply related with teacher training policy and/or practice in the partner countries.

Thus, we define two specific objectives for this International Seminar:

  • define the concept of "good practices" in the promotion of competences in education for a democratic culture in training programs for primary teachers;
  • define criteria to analyse the educational policies for a democratic culture, in different levels (national, institutional, and teachers’ practices).

Considering the principles that guide this project and the competences for education for a democratic culture, methodologically we consider that it is important to develop a participatory reflection process around those two specific objectives. This methodological option is supported by the two workshops at 27th of October.

This reflection process takes place within the framework of an International Seminar that aims to mobilize teams from three institutions involved – Politécnico de Lisboa, Autonomous University of Barcelona and Manchester Metropolitan University – teachers involved in the initial training of primary teachers and in the development of competences for education for a democratic culture, and guests speakers from different countries that contribute to enrich reflection and debate around the main issues.

The conference will take place online.


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