Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa

IPL - Politécnico de Lisboa Summer Courses 2017


29 May 2017

For 3 intensive weeks IPL offers the first edition of Art Master Classes in Theatre, Cinema, Dance and Music taught by professional experts in each area. Its a great opportunity to develop skills in several fields of Arts and to get in touch with Portugal's culture and history. The programmes are challenging and stimulating. To the participants will be offered the chance to discover the city of Lisbon, an unforgettable destination for every student. The Lisbon region is the ideal destination for an intense, complete international experience.

Internationalization is a strategic and evolving focal point at IPL - Politécnico de Lisboa. We strive to project an international image through strengthening our existing partnerships and seeking out new forms of international cooperation.

We want to contribute to prepare community-minded citizens who have a wide general knowledge of the world and who are able to live and work in a global market.
Nowadays, our students, teachers, or staff members can choose among approximately 400 high-level partner institutions for his or her mobility experience, and we receive around 500 people, each year, regarding this partenerships.

We believe that internationalization contributes to improve skills and to expand international recognition of our institution in the global market of knowledge and arts.
At IPL-Politécnico de Lisboa we believe in internationalization as an institutional imperative, a powerful instrument for reflection, for the ongoing enhancement of our commitment and for the defining of our own identity.

Come and find what make us different...  

Program Details

3 to 7 JULY
Wednesday and Thursday:
10am – 1pm / 2pm – 4.30pm
Theatre & Cinema

10 to 14 JULY
Monday to Thursday: 
09am – 1pm / 2pm – 6pm 

17 to 21 JULY
Monday and Thursday: 
09am – 1pm / 2pm – 6pm

Tuiton and Fees

One week fee:
200 € EU citizens 350 € Non EU citizens

Three week fee:
550 € EU citizens 1000 € Non EU citizens


Until June 20, with submission of short resumé through the email:

Minimum number of admissions: 
Dance/Theatre/Cinema – 6 Maximum adimissions: 
Dance – 20

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