Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa

SAS IPL monitor students residence situation


24 March 2020

SAS IPL monitor students residence situation
Tomorrow, march 25th, there will be 36 students stayin at Residência Maria Beatriz (student residence), on Campus of the Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa, according to a IPL Social Services source.

Most of the students are foreigners. SAS IPL assured that during the day a member of the staff will be working at the student residence. By night a member security will take its place.


According to Fernando Carmo, from SAS IPL, one of the first measures to prevent the spread of the virus was substitution of biometric control to access the building by the attribution of access cards.

Following IPL’s Contingency Plan, there are two isolation bedrooms for suspected cases of COVID-19, equipped with all the necessary material for this condition.

Regarding meals, the Canteen in ISEL remais open and available for resident students. According to Fernando Carmo, this structure has, at the moment, few people, not calling into question social isolation. SAS IPL assures, in case of quarantine the transport and delivery of meals.

Trying to support in other way the resident students, SAS IPL provided, free of charge, chips to the washing machines and dryers machines, avoiding more financial expenses.

SAS IPL guarantees constant monitoring of students who remain at the residence, as well as trough psychological counseling. Regarding cleaning there has been a concern to ensure that it is extended to weekends.

Ricardo Teixeira,  president of the Students Residency Committee, says that the environment in the residence has been calm. Student at Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administração, Ricardo is from Madeira island. Iniatilly with a flight scheduled for early April, he managed to anticipate for march 26th. Upon arrival, he will bet two weeks in quarantine at an hotel. For now, the young student chooses to have meals at home, like most colleagues.