Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa

Vacancies 2019/2020

School of Communication and Media Studies

Undergraduate Programs
Audiovisual and Multimedia6post-work
Advertising and Marketing6post-work
Public Relations and Business Communication6post-work

Masters Programs

Audiovisual and Multimedia6
Advertising and Marketing6
Public Relations and Business Communication6

School of Dance

Undergraduate Programs

Master's Degree

Dance Teaching4

Lisbon School of Education

Undergraduate Courses
Socio-cultural Community Development6
Visual Arts and Technologies9
Basic Education9
Basic Education (post-work)4
Artistic and Cultural Mediation4
Community Music (partnership with the Lisbon Superior School of Music) 5

Masters Programs

Educational Administration5
Didactics of Portuguese in the 1st and 2nd Cycles of Basic Education5
Environmental Education5
Artistic Education5
Mathematics Teaching in Pre-school Education and the 1st and 2nd Cycles of Basic Education5
Social Education and Community Intervention5
Early Intervention5
Supervision in Education5

Lisbon School of Music

Undergraduate Programs
Music, Composition, Musical Direction and Formation1
Music, variant performance3
Music, variant of Jazz1
Music Technologies1

Theater and Film School 

Undergraduate Programs
Theater - Actor2
Theater - Design5
Theater - Production5
Masters Programs
Cinema Project Development5
Theatre - Performing Arts4
Theatre - Stage Design1
Theatre - Direction4
Theatre - Production4
Theatre - Theatre and Community3

Lisbon School of Health Technology

Undergraduate Programs
Biomedical Laboratory Sciences 5
Clinical Physiology5
Dietetics and Nutrition 5
Environmental Health 5
Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy5
Orthoptics 5
Pharmacy 5
Physiotherapy 5
Prosthetics and Orthotics 5
Orthoptics 5
Masters Programs
Health Technology Assessment and Management10
Radiations Applied to Health Tecnologies10
Occupational Health and Safety10
Clinical Laboratory Technologies10
Tecnologias de Tecnologias de Física Médica10
Molecular Technologies in Health10

Lisbon Accounting and Business School

Undergraduate Programs
Accounting and Administration15
Accounting and Administration (post-work)5
Corporate Finance15
Corporate Finance (post-work)5
Management (post-work)5
Solicitor (post-work)5
International Business20
Masters Programs
Financial Analysis6
Financial Institutions Accounting and Management6
Business Management and Control6
Management and Enterpreneurship30

Lisbon Engineering Institute

Undergraduate Programs
Biomedical Engineering15
Civil Engineering30
Civil Engineering (taught in English - minimum 15 students)30
Chemical and Biological Engineering30
Chemical and Biological Engineering (taught in English - minimum 15 students)30
Computer and Computer Engineering2
Computer Engineering, Networking and Telecommunication2
Computer and Multimedia Engineering2
Electrical Engineering20
Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications and Computers10
Mathematics Applied to Technology and Business2
Mechanical Engineering30
Technologies and Municipal Management5
Masters Programs
Analysis and Control of Environmental Health Risks20
Biomedical Engineering5
Civil Engineering30
Chemical and Biological Engineering20
Computer Engineering, Networking and Telecommunication15
Computer Science and Computer Engineering5
Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering15
Electrical Engineering15
Industrial Engineering and Management15
Mechanical Engineering20
Quality and Environmental Engineering20