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Helena Gouveia licenciada pela ESCS e pegar num prémio

Helena Gouveia, licensed in Publicity and Marketing by the Higher School of Social Communication and Country Marketing Manager at IKEA Sweden, has been elected Best Marketing Manager in Sweden, by Resumé, the largest Business and Communication magazine in Scandinavia.

Helena started to work at IKEA Portugal, in 2008, as Social & Environmental Manager. It passed, then, by other functions: it was Public Product Relations; it helped launch the brand's Facebook account, at the national level, when that social network came up; it was responsible for the IKEA Familyprogram; and, in 2018, it came to the post of Country Marketing Manager. In August 2021, after thirteen years in the IKEA Portugal, the escsiana moved, from suitcases and baggage, to Sweden, thus giving continuity to its work, in that which is the country of origin of the multinational.

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