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ação social

Social Services


The mission of the Social Action Services (SAS-IPL) is to support students through scholarships and other forms of assistance, so they might have the conditions for their academic success. Within the scope of its activity, SAS-IPL provides support, translated into the allocation of scholarships, accommodation, food, and cultural and sports activities, among others, with a view to the well-being of students.

SAS-IPL promotes access to food through 6 food units, in which IPL students can benefit from meals at a social price. On another level, accommodation is available at the Maria Beatriz Residence, located on the ISEL Campus and with an offer of 200 beds. To respond to a trend in the eating habits of students, SAS-IPL has created the concept of "Home Food", autonomizing spaces equipped for those who choose to bring their prepared meals from home.

Aware of students’ difficulties in adapting to a new social context, away from home and family, and to the new academic reality, SAS-IPL has Psychological and Educational Support Services (SAPE), to serve IPL students.


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