Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa

IPL – Politécnico de Lisboa is a high-level institution of higher education whose aim is to create, convey and disseminate knowledge, culture, arts, science and technology of a professional nature by integrating study, lecturing, research and experimental development.



students day IPL


A different Students Day

March 24th marks the National Students Day, this year with a very different way to celebrate. The initiatives once carried out on the streets have given way to digital platforms, where messages appealing for social isolation succeed. The Government marked the date with a letter from Manuel Heitor, minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, addressed to Higher Education students.
SAS IPL monitor students residence situation IPL


SAS IPL monitor students residence situation

Tomorrow, march 25th, there will be 36 students stayin at Residência Maria Beatriz (student residence), on Campus of the Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa, according to a IPL Social Services source. Most of the students are foreigners. SAS IPL assured that during the day a member of the staff will be working at the student residence. By night a member security will take its place.


Politécnico de Lisboa: U!REKA’S new partner

The collaboration platform U!REKA is strengthening its presence in Europe with the addition of two new institutional partners: Politécnico de Lisboa (IPL) and Technical University of Ostrava (VSB-TUO). By expanding its membership to include universities of applied sciences in Portugal and the Czech Republic, U!REKA is establishing itself as an increasingly diversified and comprehensive European network for the exchange of knowledge between higher education institutions.