Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa

Welcome to Lisbon Polytechnic Institute (IPL). We are an Institution with six Schools and two Superior Institutes in diversified and strategic priority areas of education, aiming for employability and national development.

We promote academic, scientific, artistic and technological development in society, assuming our responsibility to share and dialogue with social partners providing them adequate responses for their needs.


Welcome IPL Erasmus IPL


Welcome Erasmus in Lisbon Polytechnic Institute

Present IPL and promote the integration of international students within international mobility, are the main goals of the reception, managed by Grima IPL with FAIPL support, that is going to happen on 4th march ate 5:pm, in IPL's Presidency Services.
Lisbon IPL


Lisbon City welcomes Officially International Students

On February 26th all the International Students in Lisbon, which are already more than 13.000, will be officially received by the city Mayor, Fernando Medina. This official session, which will take place in the Town Hall at 18:30 and will place the student testimonies already studying in Lisbon.
Welcome! IPL


Welcome 29.09 15h- Campus de Benfica do IPL

Under the mote “I’m IPL” this event intents to integrate all the new students, to reinforce the academic spirit and present the facilities and services at are provide to all students.
Guided tour for Lisbon IPL


Exchange of experiences and good practices at IPL's International Week

Twenty-five professionals from European higher education institutions were at the Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa International Week, that for the first time, happened under the Erasmus+ Programme international mobility frame. In this event, beyond staff, teachers also participated.