Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa

IPL – Politécnico de Lisboa is a high-level institution of higher education whose aim is to create, convey and disseminate knowledge, culture, arts, science and technology of a professional nature by integrating study, lecturing, research and experimental development.





International Bioengineering Conference "ENBENG 2019" held at ISEL

The largest international society of Biomedical Engineers (IEE EMBS) held its biennial Portuguese conference ENBENG 2019 at Lisbon´s Engineering Institute (ISEL), joining students, teachers, researchers and engineering professionals from all around the world.
International students IPL


Know more about international student regulation

To apply as international student in Politécnico de Lisboa read more about the status, admission conditions, calendar and vacancies. IPL welcomes international students with arms wide open! They will have the opportunity to get knowledge and practices and to create friendships for the rest of their lives.
Trindade Nunes IPL


IPL Student Ombudsman

Trindade Nunes is the Politécnico de Lisboa student ombudsman, an independent figure within IPL that receives and analyzes students complaints concerning pedagogic and social action matters. He can define recomendations to prevent ilegal situations and injustices concerning students.