Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa

IPL – Politécnico de Lisboa is a high-level institution of higher education whose aim is to create, convey and disseminate knowledge, culture, arts, science and technology of a professional nature by integrating study, lecturing, research and experimental development.



Summer Courses 2017 IPL


IPL - Politécnico de Lisboa Summer Courses 2017

For 3 intensive weeks IPL offers the first edition of Art Master Classes in Theatre, Cinema, Dance and Music taught by professional experts in each area. Its a great opportunity to develop skills in several fields of Arts and to get in touch with Portugal's culture and history.
Giovanni Teresi IPL


ESCS erasmus student gives testimony at the city hall

The italian student from Palermo, Giovanni Teresi, spoked to about 500 international students, during the welcoming session at Lisbon's City Hall, explaining the main reasons to pick the city to live an experience abroad.
Study in Lisbon IPL


Lisbon welcomes International Students

From 10 to 14th october Lisbon welcomes around 15.000 international Students, with a program designed around all the activities available in the city. This activity happens every year within the initiative "Lisbon Erasmus City", created to strengthen and internationalize Lisbon and to and attract and retain foreign students.


Welcome 22.09 15pm - Campus de Benfica - IPL

Lisbon Polytechnic in partnership with IPL's Academic Federation is preparing an academic year opening official session, for all the new students (national and international). Under the motto “Sou IPL”, "I'm IPL" this event wants to reinforce the academic spirit and present the facilities and services available for all students.
Welcome IPL Erasmus IPL


Welcome Erasmus in Lisbon Polytechnic Institute

Present IPL and promote the integration of international students within international mobility, are the main goals of the reception, managed by Grima IPL with FAIPL support, that is going to happen on 4th march ate 5:pm, in IPL's Presidency Services.
Guided tour for Lisbon IPL


Exchange of experiences and good practices at IPL's International Week

Twenty-five professionals from European higher education institutions were at the Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa International Week, that for the first time, happened under the Erasmus+ Programme international mobility frame. In this event, beyond staff, teachers also participated.