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I&D Policy


The growth and success of higher education and the training it provides is inseparable from the activities of Research, Development, Innovation, and Artistic Creation. The Lisbon Polytechnic continues to have at present a significant number of its lecturers integrated into research units belonging to the university system, creating a dispersion on the outside, which produces constraints on the creation of stable teams and continuing lines of research, in projects that aim to meet the strategic goals laid down by the Schools and the affirmation of a space of their own within the national scientific system.

Despite the currently existing conditions for the intramural development of these activities, due to the constraints imposed by the current legislation to the polytechnic subsystem, it  has been very much thanks to the quality of the work and the commitment of the IPL lecturers that it has been possible, in recent years, to obtain extraordinary results in terms of scientific production - measurable, for example, in the number of projects, publications, citations, scientific reviews, theses guidelines and dissertations, of which, in the future, it is necessary to give continuity.

The policies implemented, from supporting project acquisition, to internal contests, to editorial lines and the attribution of research awards, must therefore be maintained and consolidated, but the deepening of this intervention requires new measures.

There is only one vision, that Lisbon Polytechnic needs to assert itself as an institution producing new knowledge resulting from quality research, and this aspect of its mission is only fully achievable when it has the conditions to administer doctoral programs.