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Communication and Identity


Lisbon Polytechnic is a high level public higher education institution, oriented towards the creation, transmission and diffusion of knowledge, culture, arts, science and technology, through study, teaching, research, development and knowledge transfer. Its mission is to produce, teach and disseminate knowledge, art and culture, as well as to provide services to the community in the areas where it has competence, contributing to its consolidation as a reference institution in the national and international plan.

The institutional vision  of IPL is based on the quality of its activities, from a perspective of continuous improvement, promoting a solid, pertinent and highly qualified training of its graduates, contributing to their integration into the world of work.

Lisbon Poytechnic holds the following institutional values:

  • Excellence of teaching and research, development and artistic creation;
  • A culture of merit;
  • Openness and active participation in society;
  • Social responsibility;
  • The strengthening of scientific cooperation and exchange, with highlighting, in particular for countries in the European and Portuguese speaking world.

Lisbon Polytechnic is based on a long heritage and a spirit of contemporaneity and dynamism, comprisng 6 schools and 2 higher institutes with distinct fields of learning. The image of the institution, promoted through its identity with the academic community, social partners and society in general, is based on a path defined as coherent in visual and homogeneous language and consonant with an effective communication strategy.

Lisbon Polytechnic views communication within the academic community and from there to the outside as a  means to achieve national and international recognition.

Promoting projects developed within the institution, in the different fields, is essential to contributing to the affirmation of the Lisbon Polytechnic in academia and society in general