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Welcome to Politécnico de Lisboa (IPL).

Located in the metropolitan area of Lisbon, IPL – Politécnico de Lisboa is a public institution with a long history in the field of higher education, composed of the following eight schools:





IPL offers a diversified range of courses in the fields of Arts, Business Sciences, Communication, Education, Engineering and Health Sciences. We provide Bachelors, Masters, Postgraduate and Doctoral programmes (in partnership with universities).

Our primary goal is to provide an academic instruction focused on employability and professional excellence, founded on a secure knowledge of science, arts and culture.
We contribute to national development by educating professionals whose abilities and value as employees have been nationally and internationally recognized.

IPL is equally concerned with its students active participation in the academic community and society, leading a full education that promotes a sense of citizenship.

We are committed to strengthening our international relationships, especially with partners in the European Union and in Portuguese - speaking countries.

Politécnico de Lisboa promotes the following institutional values:

  • academic excellence;
  • excellence in research and development;
  • openness and engagement with society;
  • social commitment;
  • a merit-based culture;
  • strong international ties through cooperation and scientific
  • exchange with European and Portuguese-speaking
  • countries.

Elmano Margato