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revista científica nature

It is the first time that the lecturer and researcher of the Superior School of Health Technology of Lisbon, Miguel Brito, has a scientific article published in the journal Nature, considered a leader in the field of multidisciplinary science. "Diminishing benefits of urban living for children and adolescents ' growth and development" is the title of the publication, which brings together 2325 studies, among which that of the School of the Polytechnic of Lisbon.
The scientific article results from the analysis made from studies carried out in a number of countries, in the field of cardiovascular diseases and factors that are at their origin. The work developed by the researchers has allowed to assess the growth and development of 71 million children and adolescents (aged between 5 and 19), who live in urban and rural areas from 200 countries, among which Angola, where the study carried out by the Superior School of Health Technology of Lisbonhas been decorated. The results show that, in much of the world, the development of who resides in urban means has declined in the twenty-first century, while, in much of sub-Saharan Africa has increased.




The study carried out by the team of researchers from ESTeSL, among which Miguel Brito, chosen to sign the Naturearticle, in representation of the research team that proceeded in collaboration with the Centro de Investigation in Health of Angola. The work has resulted from the assessment of about 2000 individuals, through the collection of health and lifestyle data, following a protocol, unique, harvesting information.

For the researcher, being Nature one of the best science journals of actuality, seeing the scientific work referenced in this publication, is the best form of dissemination.