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Green metric

The Polytechnic of Lisbon was one of the 70 higher education institutions present at the International Workshop on UI GreenMetric 2023 (IWGM), which proceeded at the University of Minho, between 15 and June 17, where they gathered about 200 participants from 30 countries, with the aim of sharing policies and good practices in the field of sustainability management on campuses. Maria João Silva, lecturer at the Superior School of Education in Lisbon and Vítor Manteigas, lecturer at the Superior School of Health Technology of Lisbon and coordinator of the Eco-IPL represented the Polytechnic of Lisbon.

The lecturers, members of the Eco-IPL Council, in addition to having presented a poster allusive to the work that ran for the result of IPL in the category of "waste", seized the opportunity to narrow relationships with potential partner institutions in projects in the area of sustainability.

The IWGM has as its goals:

  • Divulgar and evaluate the implementation of the UI GreenMetric World University Rankings at the IES participants;
  • Sharing information on sustainability to improve the campus, promoting the study of some of the recommended practices;
  • Allow IES at the top of the UI GreenMetric classification to share the policies, programs and implementation of practices in the respective institutions;
  • Provide the cooperation in sustainability management on campuses.




The International Workshop on UI GreenMetric (IWGM) is an initiative promoted, annually, in the framework of the UI GreenMetric World University Rankings Network, a ranking in the area of environmental sustainability, which ranks the performance of IES from all over the world, according to 39 indicators distributed across 6 categories: campus and infrastructure; energy and climate change; waste; water; transport; education and research. Following its first ranking participation, in 2022 the IPL reached position 522, from among a total of 1050 Higher Education Institutions, coming from 85 countries.

The Polytechnic of Lisbon has been carrying out, since the school year 2019/2020, a work of promoting sustainability and sustainable practices in all its dimensions, be it economic, social and environmental, through the involvement of its 8 schools, in addition to the implementation of the methodology associated with the Eco-Schools Program, which envisage at an early stage the realization of an environmental audit, for diagnostic purposes, which will serve as a mote for the activities to be carried out.

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