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prémio jornalismo

Diana Gomes and Adriana Alves, students and Ruben Martins and Diogo Ferreira Nunes, graduates in Jornalism by the Higher School of Social Communication (ESCS) were distinguished with honorable mentions in the 5 th edition of the "Fernando Sousa" Prize, in the categories Student and   National, respectively. The results were released on May 9 at a commemorative session of Europe Day, which proceeded in Évora.

"A bar called Europa" was the work developed by the students Diana Gomes and Adriana Alves in the framework of the ReportEU, an initiative from the Representation of the European Commission in Portugal, which relies on the collaboration of the REC-reporters under construction. The journalistic piece, made under the guidance of the ESCS docent, Teresa Abecasis, speaks of the Europa Bar, born in the 70, at a time when Portugal gave the first steps in democracy and opened the eyes to the world in times. Then a space of sailors and prostitutes, it is today the meeting point of a heterogeneous and multicultural audience.



The Student category concerns works produced by a student of the higher education or communication, or by a team of students from the higher education or communication education.

"Five days of travel on the most European of the trains", was work by Ruben Martins and Diogo Ferreira Nunes alumni of ESCS and Carlos Cipriano, for the jornal Audience, which raised the honorable mention in the National category. The text speaks of a train (which in reality is three) that linked Europe on rails in the European Year of Railway Transport. In this work, journalists count the day to day of a journey, through the reporting on board the Connecting Europe Express, in a work that includes also podcasts recorded in the train and photographs of each of the train drivers of this operation. The work was a project of the Directorate General for Mobility and Transport of the European Commission, which showed the potential of the railway, but also its flaws in a Europe that wants without borders or internal barriers.




A categoria Journalist-National Media concerns a work produced by a journalist-holder-holder professional, or by a team from which to consume a journalist-holder of a professional portfolio, and to be published / perfunct in a national-wide media or media organ.

The "Fernando de Sousa" Journalism Award, promoted by the Representation of the European Commission in Portugal within the scope of respect for freedom and pluralism of social communication, is assigned to journalists and students from the higher education courses of Journalism or Social Communication who have contributed in a remarkable way to clarify important issues at European level or who have promoted a better knowledge of the institutions or policies of the European Union in Portugal. Serve, yet, to pay homage to the journalist Fernando de Sousa (1949-2014), protagonist of a long and striking career dedicated to European affairs. It was awarded for the first time on May 9, 2017, Europe Day.

For the 5 th edition, 63 applications of journalists and students from across the country were presented, characterised by the diversity of themes and formats. Of the total applications, 12 were concerned with the Student category, 18 in the Regional category and 33 in the National category. Of those, 18 finalists were appointed, 6 in each of the three categories.

Coube a Elisa Ferreira, European Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, Sofia Moreira de Sousa, representative of the European Commission in Portugal, and Carlos Pinto de Sá, President of the House of Évora, present the results of the jury's assessment.

Source: European Commission