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The achievers Falcão Nhaga and Pedro Cabeleira, formed by the Higher School of Theatre and Cinema (ESTC), were distinguished in the 19 th edition of the International Film Festival IndieLisbon, which proceeded from April 28 to May 8. The results were released on the last day of the certame that brings together audience and Cinema professionals from around the world.

"Mistaken", work by Falcon Nhaga, newly-licensed in Cinema by the Higher School of Theatre and Cinema, won the Grand Prix of EMEL Short Film. The jury, which decided that the award is shared with the "The Parents Room" of Diego Marcon, stated that this decision has to do with the fact that it is two films "that impressed us equally." About "Mistaken," a mother and son's journey through space and time, "is to disarm the way the film addresses complex themes related to history, racism, politics, intimate relationships, in a narrative that takes place in an apparent, but just apparent, simplicity: the touching walk of return home of mother and son".



The film of Falcão Nhaga, with an argument by Pedro Cabral, it was produced by the Artistic School of the Polytechnic of Lisbon and has distribution of Portugal Film. Before it was already in the Cinéf, competitive section of the 75 th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, dedicated to school films and new voices from independent cinema.

"By Flávio" of Pedro Cabeleira, licensed in Cinema by ESTC was distinguished with the Schools Award. The short film had premiere, this year, in Berlin, in the Berlinale Shorts competition of 2022. Second statement by the IndieLisbonjury, "the film distinguishes itself in the way it questions the ambitions of a young single mother and her relationship with her own body and image, and in acting out the actors in the way it irons feminine objectification at the conventions of modern rap, in the urban interior of Portugal."




The argument of "By Flávio" is from Pedro Cabeleira and Ana Vilaça, also graduates by ESTC and Diogo Vieira. Leonor Teles, young award-winning director, also formed by ESTC, secured the direction of photography of the short film.