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mulher sentada a uma secretária com documentos estatísticos

The Higher School of Social Communication (ESCS) promoted, through the section of Statistic, the Open class "Women and Statistics in the Polytechnic of Lisbon", which was held online to October 10 from 2022, in the framework of the celebration of International Women's Day in Statistics and Data Sciences.

For Cláudia Silvestre, coordinator of the ESCS Statistical Section, the open class " was an opportunity for us to get to know how to make Statistic in the Polytechnic of Lisbon, as well as to see the evolution and usefulness of the statistic in our society. This was also a time for us to share experiences and create synergies. "

Sandra Miranda, Vice President of ESCS, whom she coured the opening of the initiative, whose aim was to publicize the women's work of the statistic at the Polytechnic of Lisbon, spoke of the importance of not genderizing the professions.


aula aberta online sobre o papel das mulheres na estatística


The open class featured orators from various IPL Schools:

Carina Silva (ESTeSL)
Carla Martin (ISCAL)
Madalena Santo (ESCS)
Sandra Alexios (ISEL)

The first International Women's Day in Statistics and Data Sciences is celebrated on October 11, 2022. 24h are planned to speak of the impact of the Statistic on society and how women have contributed to teaching, dissemination and use of Statistics.

The Portuguese Statistic Society is one of the founding partners of the initiative-alongside the Caucus for Women in Statistics.