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Francisco Lobo Faria com os prémios

"I Can Look Out For It" is the work of Francisco Lobo Faria, licensed in Theatre by the Higher School of Theatre and Cinema, which earned him the award for best young cast at the Titan International Film Festival, in Sidney.

The award-winning film is the young man's first job while argumenting and filmmaker. It is a film produced in Madeira, which has had the support of the Regional Government, through the Regional Office of Tourism and Culture, the Municipal Chamber of Port Moniz and various public and private entities of the island.

The oeuvre of the ESTC graduate " depicts a group of organized children towards a common goal and, to achieve it, develop their entrepreneurial vein, explore their talents and abilities, fail, disunderstand, but do not give up, "reads the statement released by the producer Filter to the Lusa Agency.


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Of the cast are part of the young actors: Martim Lobo, Laura Silva, Francisca Madeira, Tiago Valente, Iago Fernandes, Matilde Gouveia and Eduarda Sousa. The image is of Carlos Melim, sound of Daniel Guiomar, executive production of Vanessa Fernandes and assembly of Herman Delegate. In the statement, the achiever formed at ESTC frisa "the importance of telling stories that portray the reality of young people and help to understand them better".

Francisco Wolf Would already participated as an actor in films such as "The Eternity and a Day", "Healing of the Calheta" and in the television series "Abandoned".

Source: Lusa Agency