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projeto Ucrânia

Involving, Support and Including Children from Ukraine in Portugal


Who we are?

A team educators and special education teachers, higher education lectures, therapists, psychologists, nurses, social works join efforts to support children development and inclusion of Ukrainian refugee or newly arrived children under 12 years old and with (neuro)development problems and/or with disabilities and their families.



Involve, support and include Ukrainian refugee or newly arrived children under the age of 12 and with (neuro)developmental problems and/or disabilities and their families. Referred them to existing services and supported their inclusion in Portuguese schools. In the absence of available services, free educational support will be available by educators, teachers, therapists and health professionals working as volunteers.


Specific aims

  • Knowing the barriers to participation, learning and development of newly arrived children
  • Promoting the right to participation and inclusion of newly arrived children in Portuguese schools
  • Facilitate the access to early intervention services (SNIPI)
  • Temporarily support non-eligible children until their inclusion in the Portuguese education system
  • Support and provide information/training to professionals who include and work with newly arrived children


Our intervention 

  • Learning about the children life stories/needs, and previous educational experience in Ukraine
  • Refer to the existing services in the Portuguese community (e.g., early interventions teams)
  • Assess the child development and her/his barriers to learning whenever it helps the referral
  • Offer temporary support until the child is included in Portuguese schools/services
  • Support inclusion in schools by offering translators or counseling
  • Promote meetings of sharing experience and training to professionals of education and early intervention


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