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The Polytechnic of Lisbon (IPL) emerges on the international ranking list, in the categories of Regional Sharing of Publications and Collaboration. In the overall profile profiled for IPL, the institution reveals the best performance in several indicators, among which, 3 obtain classification of "very good".

The institution is generally considered to be stronger in the area of Research, within which, the best ranking is attributed to the indicators regarding results in the creative and performative arts, dissemination of publications in open access, and as to the number of publications in co-authorship. The evaluation is done using a 5-level scale that varies between "very good" and "weak".


For the first time, the U-Multirank features the top of the 25 higher education institutions that excel in the field of Collaboration, be it with other institutions or with Industry. This new axis, has on the basis of partnerships and collaboration in the fields of research, international publications, patents, students attending programs in collaboration, among other factors.

U-Multirank assessed, in 2021, the overall, five-axis performance of 1948 universities, in 97 countries, in a universe of 12 thousand courses and was attended by more than 100 thousand higher education students.

About U-Multirank

U-Multirank is the highest multi-dimensional ranking, which compares the performance of universities in the different activities in which the university is involved. It evaluates higher education institutions based on a comparative analysis of the performance of institutions in five axes: teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer, international orientation, and community engagement. In this assessment.
The ranking is funded by the European Union and does not produce an individual rating for each university, nor classifying tables.

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