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Prémios IPL 7.ª edição

Since 2017, the Lisbon Polytechnic and the General Deposit Box, awarded annually, Scientific Awards with the aim of encouraging, valuing and recognizing the work and scientific merit of faculty, researchers and non-teaching staff. The results of this edition were given to know, today, by the IPL's Office of Special Projects and Innovation.


The IPL CGD Awards are constituted by Awards of Excellence and Diplomas of Merit to the great areas of knowledge of the Lisbon Polytechnic: Arts, Social Sciences and Technologies and Engineering and are constituted by a Award of Excellence and for a maximum of four Diplomas of Merit for each of the areas of knowledge from the Polytechnic of Lisbon.


Awards of Excellence

Arts Maria José Fazenda Martins
Social Sciences Maria José Palma Lampreia dos Santos
Technologies and Engineering Carla Sofia Costa Viegas

Diplomas of Merit


Carlos Miguel Marques da Costa Caires
Joao Carlos Martins Parreira Fernandes


Social Sciences
Francisco José Nicolau Domingos
Marina Alexandra Nunes Godinho Antunes
Nuno Tiago Claudius Leitão Baptista


Technologies and Engineers

José Firmino Aguilar Madeira
Gonçalo Nuno de Oliveira Duarte
Maria Amélia Ramos Store
Anita Raquel Quintal Gomes

relevance award

The Recognition awards of Activities with relevance in the community aim to recognize the work of the faculty, non-lecturers and researchers, in their relationship with the community, in the situations where there is an interaction, clear, through the developed work, of the Organic Unit or IPL for the society.

The Recognition Award of Activities with Relevance in the Community is constituted by an Award of Excellence for each major area of the knowledge and practice of the Polytechnic of Lisbon.


Awards of Excellence

Arts Ricardo Nuno Futre Pinheiro
Technologies and Engineering Edna Soraia Gregório Ribeiro

Diplomas of Merit

Technologies and Engineering

Maria Idalia Gomes
José Firmino Aguilar Madeira


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The prizes are delivered at the 35 th anniversary ceremony of the Lisbon Polytechnic.