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Tuition fees


Successful applicants must carry out their registration and enrolment online or in person within the time limit indicated on the calendar, using the credentials received after applying for admission. The tuition also implies enrolment of the student in the respective Organic Unit and is subject to the payment of the fee indicated in the table of Lisbon Polytehnic.

The value of the annual tuition fee is set by the General Council, for each study cycle, on a proposal from the President, and payment is due in full at the time of registration and enrolment.

Annual Value for Graduate/Bachelor’s Courses and Master’s Annual Value Annual Value for CPLP students
Area of Management, Communication and Education 3,300 € 1.650 € (1)
Lisbon Accounting and Business School  
School of Communication and Media Studies
Lisbon School of Education
Area Technologies, Health 6,100 € 3,050 €
Lisbon Institute of Engineering  
Lisbon School of Health Technology
Area of the Arts 6,900 € 3,450 €
 School of Dance  
Lisbon School of Music
Lisbon Theatre and Film School

(1) At the ISCAL the annual fee for the first year curriculum of all Master's courses is €2000.


Salary and payment of the tuition fee *

The acceptance of tuition or enrolment implies the full payment of the tuition fee for the school year to which it applies and the settlement of any debts accrued and unpaid in the previous years.


Graduate/bachelor’s courses and Master’s

Payment of tuition fees for degree courses can be effected:

  • At one time, during registration and enrolment;
  • In ten installments, each in their respective school year:

The first four of equal value, corresponding to 8.5% of the total, paid in the respective school year:

Instalments Payment deadline
1st instalment Enrollment / enrollment
2nd instalment October 31
3rd instalment November 30
4th instalment December 31


The remaining, of equal value, corresponding to 11% of the total, are due by the following respective academic year:

Instalments Payment deadline
5th instalment January 31
6 th instalment February 28 or 29
7th instalment March 31
8th instalment April 30
9th instalment May 31
10th instalment June 30



Payment of the tuition fees in the postgraduate courses are effected as follows:

Annual Fee for Postgraduations Annual Value
Education in Creche and other equipment with children from ages 0 to 3 1.100 €
Marionets and Forms Animated Stories 1.100 €
Storytelling 1.950 €
Branding and Content Marketing 2.500 €
Cultural and Creative Industries 1.700 €

The tuition payment in the postgraduate courses is effected as follows:


Branding and Content Marketing

Instalment Payment deadline Value
1st instalment Enrolment 1 000€
2 th instalment January 31 400€
3rd instalment February 28 400€
4th instalment March 31 400€
5th installment April 30 300€



Prestation Payment deadline Value
1st instalment Enrolment 950€
2 th instalment January 31 250€
3rd instalment February 28 or 29 250€
4th instalment March 31 250€
5th installment April 30 250€


Creative and Cultural Industries 

Prestation Payment deadline Value
1st instalment Enrolment 800€
2 th instalment January 31 225€
3rd instalment February 28 or 29 225€
4th instalment March 31 225€
5th installment April 30 225€


Tuition Fees Reimbursment Policy

In no case are payments made in the act of the application or enrolment reimbursed.

The return of tuition fees paid before cancellation is provided for in art. º.13 of the attachment to Despacho 5111/2020, published in Journal of the Republic of April 29, 2020.


Cancellation of Enrolment:

1- In cases where the student wishes to cancel the cancellation the enrolment, the value of the tuition fee payable is as follows:

  • in the 10 working days following the date of enrolment –  there is no payment;
  • until the end of the month of December - 50% of the value of the tuition fees;
  • later than the deadline in the preceding sentence – the tuition fees in total;

2 -Tuition fees are not charged when the student wishes to cancel the enrolment on a degree course, in the seven working days after:

  • knowledge of the dismissal of their scholarship application;
  • knowledge of the value assigned by the fellowship and if this is lower than the value of the tuition fee.

3 - In cases where a student wishes to cancel enrolment on a course not leading to a degree (eg. a postgraduate course) or a course at CLIC of a semestral or longer duration, the value of the tuition fee to be collected is as follows:

  • Until the beginning of classes  - tuition fees are not charged;
  • After the start of tuition – the tuition fee in total.

The information presented does not waive the consultation of the respecting legislation